Bangkok, first stop on my way to Australia

Monday 16th November Munich:

We, my parents and myself, arrived at Munich airport at 10:30 am. My flight toke off at 1:35 pm. Plenty of time to drink coffee and to say goodbye. The flight, actually my first flight out of europe,wasn’t as comfortable as I expected. The meals were a crapload of shit. Furthermore I wasn’t able to sleep for more than an hour. I arrived at 6am at Bangkok with one hour of sleep in total. Really great night.

Tuesday 17th November Bangkok:

I went straight to the hotel, with a taxi fast as a rollercoaster. During this drive we changed the lines of the highway just like some people change their socks. Meaning, first in my live I had concerns about getting from A to B safely. An hour later I arrived at the sweet Narai Hotel in Silom. After two hours of chilling in the lobby my room was ready and I decided to have some hours of sleep. The second priority was indicated through my stomach. I was hungry. So again with high expectations I started to look for something to eat. With plenty of small kitchens right on the street, Bangkok seems like the perfect place for street food. And indeed I found a tremendous hot meal. Spicy but delicious. I explored the local area around my hotel by foot, in this case it was the right decision. Later on I reviewed where I walked along and it wasn’t even one eighth of the inner city. It was just one midsized street. Embarrassing I thought. I just like to wander through streets and explore the city by foot. But alright in this case I need to figure out some other way. In the evening I went to china town, actually with the taxi and a taximeter. I found awesome street food there. In addition I had a little chat with a family from Malaysia.

Wednesday 18th November still Bangkok:

I noticed a market when I arrived yesterday, just a few streets away from my hotel. To satisfy the never-ending hunger, I went there to grab something for breakfast. As I entered the market at 8 am the smell of freshly cooked meat and other hot stuff raised a slightly belching feeling. I didn’t expect that. I was looking for breakfast. Not for a spicy meal. After a while I found a waffle with corn and a bottle of fresh juice. It was an all right meal, but not enough to satisfy my hunger. Although I had made the decision to take the taxi to the center of all sights. It wasn’t that easy to find a taxi because the temples and Khaosan Road were pretty far away. And during rush hour the taxis don’t want to leave their district. Anyways, I got to a smaller temple near to the grand palace. This temple was free to enter and there wasn’t much tourism going on. I wandered through the area, got my shoes off to sit in front of the buddah and even balanced a coin in the footprint of the Dalai Lama. After that spiritual moment I went to the backpacker road, Khaosan. One of the most awful roads I ever went to. Period. From the grand place, which was right around the corner, I took a taxi to the hotel. Two hours of relaxing in the room and i was ready to hit a insider tip from a friend. It’s called the red sky bar. Matching the time of sunrise, their happy hour offered me two drinks for one. As a little extra I came up with some pork spring rolls. And the next two hours were the best of all in Bangkok. A badass sunset with a thunderstorm at the horizon, two tasty mai thais and five spring rolls. This stunning view over the city was priceless. The day couldn’t end better.

Thursday 19th November Bangkok:

As this was my check-out day, and my plane left at 5 minutes before midnight, I had to plan the day as much as possible. For breakfast I went again to this market near to my hotel. At 9 am I enjoyed a waffle with corn, some other small things and a stick full of meat. Couldn’t been better. Some selfie action was going on in the hotel room, before I packed my things and checked-out at noon. The following hours were pretty boring and filled with a lot of walking around in my neighborhood. I came by some Skytrain stations and beautiful places. Just took some typical asian street photography shoots and got back to the hotel after three hours. With some money left I took a taxi to the airport during rush hour. I can’t believe that I made this mistake again. It took me about one hour and 45 minutes for only 30 kilometers. Hence, I had plenty of time at the airport so I repacked my backpack, dropped it off and went for a more european curry. And then the ordinary things before take-off began. Security check with a body scan, luggage check and passport control. Finally we took off on time and I had the pleasure to talk to an Australian, which used to work in the aircraft business for years. So he told me things about the plane and about Perth. After the meal, I fell asleep and woke up in beautiful Australia.

Thank you for reading and enjoying my pictures. As I am on a journey for serveral months I etablished a hashtag to follow my life on Instagram. Just search for #globalex and you will find the latest pictures and stories. Bangkok told me a simple lesson. Just know what you have at home and be grateful for it. Hope you comeback, when I will report from Perth.

Have you been to Bangkok? what was your impression?

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