How I feel about Perth so far :/

135 mm-20151125-185354-Perth Walkaround Art Selfie.jpg

He is constantly friendly / a bit abrasive.

She is mostly slim / obese.

He is small / a hulk.

She is trashy / lightly dressed.

He is not bearded / bearded.

He is Asian / Australian.

She is asian / australian. 

And I was in Bangkok / Perth.

However contradictions are described, through pictures, words or observations, Bangkok and Perth are two different worlds!

The people are different too. Although the austrlians start every converstaion with how are you doing? Or how are you going? it doesn't make them friendlier. Every time I am confused, when I enter a shop and I need to tell the salemans about my eventful and busy day so far.

On the other hand the Thai can aeasily annoy with his intrusiv fahsion. Nevertheless he is mostly friendly and helpful. As the people are differnt so is the urbanscape. Bangkok with its myriad city centers, is noisy and you cannot get along easily. Tall buildings and a lot of people are dominant in Bangkok. At least in the areas tourists get along. Every corner offers a different smell. Perth by contrast is similar to an american city, like New York. The city center ist devided into a street of business, retail and entertaiment. Everything is easily accesible due to the rectengular alignment of the streets. Parks, beaches, lakesand avenues are keeping the nature in the city. As well as the streets, the public transportion is understandable and reliable. The little Manhattan of Perth offers a gorgeous play of old and modern buildings.

Contradictions, you never can decided what is the best. Both cities have been strange to me, still I can't claim that I would like to live on one or the other. And by the way, as I visited Copenhagen earlier this year, I would love to live there!

Now it is again your turn. Don't be shy and compare the streets of Bangkok with the contrasty city of Perth. And tell me which City would YOU prefer.

Cheers Mate.