Broome is mostly about sunsets, Mostly.

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Broome, Western Australia

When I arrived from Exmouth, one hell of a city, I had some expectations towards Broome. But Broome istn't a real city either. I mean there is everything people need to live decent lives, but there is no life going on on the streets. People go and buy their things and then they go back home in their cool houses. Understandable. Who wants to spend time outside if the temperature rarely falls under 24 degrees. And if the winter arrives, the tourist arrive as well. It's a tricky situation. Nevertheless I spent the last 14 days in Broome. Including 24th, which basically is a day like any other, the 25th with all the Christmas action and the so called Boxing day the 26th. This will be a longer post, but a really personal one as well. You will see what a croc farm looks like, why I am so proud of my grandpa and how the sun settles here in Western Australia.

First things first. 

Let's talk about sunsets. During my time here in Broome I had the chance to see sunsets from Gantheaume Point and Cable Beach. These two spots are perfect, because the sun settles into the ocean. The flat and sandy Cable Beach may not be a good spot for a swim, because of all the stingers and other not so cute animals, but the nice reflections are stunning. I did some selfies. Some with a flash, others from far away. The Gantheaume Point however is full of cliffs and rocks. There is definitely more action going on, with the smashing high waves and the fast blowing wind. It is hell for all the lenses and my glasses as well. After a few minutes small drops of water constrain your view.

Daytrip up north, Beagle Bay and On Arm Point

As my grandpa arrived in Australia he lived in Melbourne for some years. Later on he had moved to One Arm Point, which was and still is, a bigger Aboriginal community. He took over the local store in 1990 and began to build a new one at the same time. After six years he finished that building and was able to sell more and better products. The road from Broome to One Arm Point includes a 80 kilometer segment of gravel road. And even with a 4WD this hour wasn't fun for me. It looks like driving in an dry riverbed and feels worse than driving over cobblestone. Anyways, after 90 minutes we arrived in Beagle Bay, which is the home of a special, little church. Most of the interior of that church is made of shells. All the fine details and the whole altar is made of shells. At the time of our visit, the priest already decorated the church with all the christmas stuff. It was nice to see.

Later on in One Arm Point we first drove to a hatchery of aquatic animals. This place was beautiful located next to the ocean with a small reef infront. We saw Nemo, some turtels and lots of shells. After that little adventure we went to the mentioned store. 

It is still the same! Although there had been so many managers.

At that moment I was pretty proud. Even it is common in Australia to build houses by your own, I am not sure if many people have built a whole store in the outback. Last but not least we had a coffee and a cake in a wonderful pearl farm. The drive home was horror again. Dear government in Broome, please seal this road. Thanks

The crocodile farm of Malcom Douglas 

Crocodiles come in many different species and they are around since million of years. I decided it is better to see these animals behind bars rather then in the wilderness. Fair enough I knew that they are only raised there to get their skin. But it was a outstanding experience. We attended a feeding tour with Fraser. First we got the chance to hold a small croc in our hands. Later on the big brothers got their food and showed what they are capable to do. Their strong bite can rip you off easily. It was a little scary to stand beside a four meter beast, just separated by a fence. Anyways I survived it and I am now left with some rare photos ;)

Thanks! I appreciate it, mate!

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