Warning Post-Rock - MONO - Second Concert In Perth

There is not much to say. This japanese band, that what at least told me a fan, breaks up with the rules of Japan and their strictly ruled lifestyle. Their music is deep, intense and touching. Their fans love what MONO does with a reason. The band relinquishes a singer and or vocals in general. Two guitarist, a female bassist and a drummer are porducing fantastic songs since 16 years. Just give them a chance and listen to a full track. This is just one of their top songs.

Oka now that you know what they sound like, you can see what they look like in action. I went to their show in Perth and had the chance to meet them for a quick talt and Portrait afterwards. Again I captured their deep passion for the music with closeup "portraits".

Always be on the run

Constant update are significant. Hence one or two photos of this event will make it to the music portfolio.