How to get decent pictures of yourself, even if you travel alone - Advanced photography

pick up from , an incredible source of free stock photos!

pick up from, an incredible source of free stock photos!

Good day mate, I am Alex!

As I travel alone, there is obvious nobody who can take pictures of myself. And anyway I don't trust other people's snapshots. Hence, I began to take selfportraits. A little collection from my adventures in Perth are below. Just to start this collection, this photo was taken in Kings Park. An amazing and neat park just near to the city. This modern bridge fits perfectly in the green landscape. The cityscape of perth is surrounded by water and you can easily capture different angles. On evening I went to Cottesloe Beach and I had a windy but colourful sunset there. I tried to use my flash, but I was afraid of getting it damaged. And the last picture was taken (as test shot) at the MONO concert. This is the door to the stage, and I was waiting for the band to come out their after their show.

The magic of the selfportrait is done by...

Yongnou! In the picture below my setup for the selfportraits is displayed. Let's start from the bottom. First of all I need to mount my camera somewhere. Either I use a tripod, the 3LeggedThing, or I use a Manfrotto clamp. This clamp in combination with the ballhead of the tripod allows me to mount my camera to handrails, fences and other round profiles. Then there is the lovely Canon Eos 7D with either a 35mm Zeiss or a 10mm Samyang lense mounted to. On top and connected to the camera is sitting the Yongnou 506-TX controller. A special cable is necessary to acutaly trigger the camera. So as this is all set up, I need to get in place. I can position myself up to 100 meters away from the camera. To trigger the Camera I have the Yongnou RF603CII for the Canon 7D in my hands. Just press the button and the camera is firing. the huge advantage of is, that I am not limited to the remote setting of the camera. I basically can use every setting I would normally use. It is like pushing the button with a long long arm.

I have just include a time lapse video for the Nikolaus :) Have a look below.

That's that little technical episode on my blog, I hope you followed me along and I hope you are ready for a little guide to get along in perth. It is all about food, because i was always huntig for some nice places to eat.

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