The only thing I missed in Perth, Western Australia

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A guide to reasonable food in Perth City Centre.

The biggest struggle I had in Perth as a backpacker.

Bloody hell, it is hard to get some reasonable food in Perth. This blog post will be a list of palces, I have discovered and can recommend now. Unfortunatly I don't have photos to all of the places, but I made a unique map with all the locations in it. Check it out, it is below.

Clancy's Fish Pub in Fremantle, €, all day long

Okay let's start in the outer suburbs. When you visit, and I really recommend visiting, Fremantle then you can go to Fremantle Markets and just walk through this acient town. After you are done, take your time and strengthen yourself with a delicious fish tacco at Clancy's Fish Pub. Order your meal inside the pub, pay 20 dollars and wait at a table to get these tasty taccos. Eat them and your are full! Either you go there in the afternoon and enjoy their busy outdoor terrace or you listen to a band in the evening there.

Grosvenor Hotel near to the Perth mint

I went their for a cup of coffee. But the food, from Pizza, Pasta and even steaks, on the other tables looked amazing. The service and the rooms are amazing. Nice for a coffee, beer or a meal. Check out the Grosvenor Hotel in Perth.

Old Faithful Bar & BBQ, €€, all day long

Even though this place is located right in the city, it is hard to find. In one of the amazing sidestreets to Murray Street, you will find the Old Faithful Bar & BBQ. It seemed to be more a gallant place. As I went there, with sport shorts and flipflops, all the other people wore shirts, a long pair of trousers and slick shoes. But okay, I got seated and the party began. You can choose your meat and some sidedishes. It all comes in a big plate and normally you share it with the other people on the tabel. I went alone so everything was for myself ;) It can be expensive, but if your are ordering some basic meals, it will satisfy you and you won't pay a fortune.

Varnish on King, €€, evening

In the same street as the Old Faithful Bar & BBQ, the Varnish on King is located. This is a classic bar, that serves food as well. If you love drinking whiskey, go there. Just go there. You will find an incredible selection of whiskeys from all around the globe. Unless you really know what you do, you won't be able to navigate through this slection. But with the help of the staff there, it shouldn't be a problem anymore. Furthermore the staff isn't only a whsikey expert, no they will mix you any cocktail you like. The Varnish on King is in the basement, a little hard to find, but it is worth at least to go there once.

Mr. Bun, €, lunchtime

This little chinese place is amazing. 90 % of the guest are asians. The taste of the meals there is special. I went there two times and I loved how they combine their spices. lucky for you the menu is manageable. The only disadvantage it that it contains no prices, just order what you like. It is a tight roome packed with people, but you should be able to find a place. The best time to go there is after the main lunchtime. Just go there after 1pm.

Mama tran, €, lunchtime or in the evening on friday and saturday

Daily visits at Mama tran. It is a busy place during lunchtime. So please got there after 1pm. But be carefull, because they close quickly after the crowd of people leaves. They offer plenty of different dishes. You can choose from soups to traditional rice dishes. You will get a good amount for 12 to 16 dollars. I was a good guest there. So make sure and check out this place.

Mechanics Institute, €, evening

This is my personal pearl in Perth. The menu changes weekly and the mechanics institute was recently awarded as the best small bar in Australia. They know what they to, whether you talk with them about the spirits, beer or the fantastic burgers, that actually are delivered from flipside. Flispside is a burger restaurant one level below. You can sit either outside at the wonderful terrace or inside in a dark and moody room. They played even German music as they found out that I am german. The entrance is pretty hard to find. You need to access the bar from behind. Don't look for the entrance on William Street. Be aware, that the bar is packed with people on friday and saturday nights.

Special tip: Sushi restaurant near to Perth Underground Station

In the early evening you can grab a sushi roll for 2,5 dollars. They are tasty and still fresh. You better be quick, they sell fast. The sign infront of the restaurant will show you if the offer is available.

Okay now it's up to you.

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