Snapchat: What I learned from whom and how it is important for any industry

The importance of Snapchat

One of the most amazing people I follow at the moment is Mr. Gary Vaynerchuck. He is sharing a lot of his experience in business and marketing. He consinder himself as an expert for social media and he actually runs a huge agency in New York. He backups his words with actions and that why I am a fan of him. One of the things he is always talking about is the attention of the people. And he markets whereever this attention is. It was emails years ago followed by google adwords, twitter, facebook and nowadays Snapchat. And he is right a lot of people I know signed up for snapchat and they use it during day and night. Hence he jumped right on it now. He is doing it all day long. He replies to hundreds of messages every day. That's his hustle. He created episodes of #snapchatsecrets. In these episodes he shares small tips and tricks to improve your snapchat marketing. Furthermore his story is full of pieces of his dayly life. And that's what you should do as well. Share the things you and your brand are doing. But always keep a golden thread along your story. Here are just some examples I came up with:

  • If you are a musican, share things that people normaly don't see, like soundcheck. And keep in mind that your fans probaly see you as an idol. So don't show content that shows you behave against the values of your brand. If you are a
  • If you have your own bicycle store. Educate the people about the mechanics in your bikes and show them your passion about engeneering.

It is about a compelling story and the value that comes with it!

Another statement Gary is eager about: Depth over width. He values a 100 views with constant interaction more than 5000 views without. He interacts with his followers and so should you. First he asked simple question to lead the people into the snapchat issue. How many views do you get on your story? Oh nice can you please share my Snapchatname @garyvee to those 20 people? Just to get reactions, what in the end established a relationship. So please interact with your follower. Follow them back so they can easily responde to your story and answer their responses as soon as possible. You loose the moment if you just go one way.

Last but not least, it is important to know that there is no viral growth. You need to use your other channels to bring people to your Snapchat. Go all in, and do it now! Become the best in your industry by delivering content through snapchat in the next 15 months. Your will get a ROI.

So tell me what do you think about Snapchat and you get along with it @alexkuu (click me on your phone)!

Thanks! I appreciate it, mate!

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