Along the east coast of Australia, from Brissie to Sydney!

Byron Fucking Bay

Okay unfortunately there is not much to say. Had a horrible airbnb host, who was totally pissed when I made about 4 steps a midnight. The only thing she said: I though you came here to sleep. Allegedly she couldn't sleep because of the noise I made. Good for her that her house is surrounded by forrest and hundres of animals, that make noise during the night. Anyways. Byron Bay wasn't any better. I felt like whole Australia was in Byron Bay at this time. The streets were blocked with cars and people. That's why all my coaches were delayed as well. To sum up, I wont come back to Byron! Sorry about that. I haven't even made any pictures there.

Coffs Doggy Harbour

Because of the above mentioned circumstances my journey could only improve. And that happened. My next host in Coffs Harbour, Anne, showed me the most beatiful places, invited me for lunch and we had a little walk along the beach with her lovely dog. AND I spotted some dolphins in the ocean. First time ever! To sum up this one day in Coffs Harbour. It was totally worth it and if you travel the east coast, plan a stay in Coffs. But don't eat at the Café next to the river. They charge hilarious prices for their food.

Port Awesome Macquarie

My last stop before Sydney was Port Macquarie. Due to the hight demand for hostel rooms shortly after new year I picked again an airbnb accomodation. The HIDEAWAY NEST. I really had no expectations, because I made two different experiences in only two days. Communication worked well and Rosalie and Carl picked me up from the coach terminal. First surprise. Both in advanced age (sorry Rosalie and Carl if you read this now) are unique in their ways.

"While he (Carl) is solving the problems in the world, I am keeping track of the house." - Rosalie

The first evening we sat in their living room just like a family. It was Rosalie, Carl, Mirek, Penny and myself. Mirek and Penny stayed in the real NEST. Mirek is a musician from Poland and Penny is a truly chinese woman from Peking. They both live since a few years in Melbourne. Rosalie the eventmanager and Airbnb superhost and Carl the graphic designer. We talked about our home countries, about the spirit of musicians and desires for the future. We laughed and time went quickly. I went to bed with a certain satisfaction. The next morning started with a breakfast from an other world. So many different things, from homemade bread and fresh fruit to cerials and cloudy apple juice. It blew my mind.
Although it was a rainy day, I packed my camera and started walking. Port Macquarie's famous coastal walk. I don't like to miss that. During the day I got wet three times. But the walk was fascinating. Specially the powerful moves of the waves catched my attention. I tried to photograph it. Unfortunately the results aren't the best. In the evening we had the honour to meet the sun. I had an interessting and shocking conversation with Carl that evening. He is a man, who thinks out of the box, who keeps digging until he finds the truth and who has an enormous knowledge about history. Give him the opportunity to explain the weather. That was the first shocking evidence he made. Followed by a short digression about huge empires in history and what might be the next one. We finally talked about the beginning of earth, and the fact that everthing that exist can only exist out of randomness or because of a reason. This really is a short summary. And my personal conclusion is, that I admire his skill to research deeply. Even more important is his attitude not to judge until he knows a lot. Thanks for the talk Carl.

The next day I went to the really tiny lighthouse and continued the coastal walk. Angain rainy and beatiful on the other hand. If Coffs harbour is worth a stay, then go and spend three times more time in Port Macquarie! If you do that, I wish you have better weather. Although I must say, that I had enough of blue oceans and blue skies. So the dull weather was a welcomed diversion. Cheers.

Thanks! I appreciate it, mate!

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