Sydney is up now.

As my journey from Brisbane to Sydney, the time in Sydney had ups and downs as well. I just wanna keep it short and let you view the pictures. You might find out by yourself what is showm in the pictures. Although I need to mention some places I enjoyed and other I wouldn't recommend. Let's go for the bad locations first. The superb experience of a rooftop bar in Bangkok made the rooftop of The Star in Sydney harbour just ordinary. I'm my opinion the prices are all right there. The thing that upset me most was that everyone there just wanted to be top class. Their whole behavior didn't really match the attitude of the bar. Because that bar is really meant to be for the majority. Or why do you think there are about 4000 people allowed? That was the first RANT 😂✌🏼️ Let's continue. With top notch ratings on tripadvisor and a warm recommendation from my host in Coffs Harbour, I went to the Thai restaurant/imbiss spice I am. First of all I was shocked by the prices. They charge betweenn 25 and 40 dollars for a Thai dish. As I could afford that, I just orders some basic fried noodles with vegetables. That dish tasted like in any other place. Maybe their more costly dishes are the ones that justify the good reviews. I don't know. You can try that if you like. And last, bondi beach is totally overrated as well. Such a crowed place. Enough is enough :) ready for the sunny side ? ☀️

Okay there is Prik Thai located in the CBD next to the town hall. You can find soups from 5 dollar and main dishes for lunch until 4pm for 10 dollars. Reasonable! If you wanna to go to a Chinese inspired bar, uncle ming's bar is perfect. They have their own pale ale, you should try that. Another really small bar is Papa Gede's. Although their drinks weren't as good as the drinks Perth's Mechanics institute, it is a really nice place to spend the evenig. Furthermore please go to basket brothers for a good breakfast. Sorry that I can't say anything about cools places to see, but I think there are a lot of Instagram feed that should do the trick. So thanks for reading and enjoy the photos. 📸📸


Thanks! I appreciate it, mate!

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